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Experiencing Change

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This semester, at level 2 , we were looking at how we experience cultural and social change. Students did written pieces and visual pieces in response to the theme, making something new every week, as we looked at different examples and theories. One brief was to make a very simple photo-essay on the theme using only still images in black and white. You can see a great example of one of these below. It's by Amber Nomura and it's a reworking of a photo-essay from the 1930s by Archibald MacLeish called 'Land of the Free'. 

Level 2 work on Shopping Centres

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As part of a level 2 module, we asked students to quickly construct images and writings based on their study of the shopping centre, Cabot Circus. This is what one student, Jean-Pierre Lutz did:

"The foundational blocks of Ancient Egyptian pyramids were dragged across the desert and constructed by those oppressed under the rule of the Pharaoh. Arguably, Capitalism has produced a similar scenario. This scenario occurs every day, as members of the public go shopping in places such as Cabot Circus, fuelling a system which many people feel frustrated and demoralized by.
The following image depicts Cabot Circus as a space very similar to Ancient Egypt."

Media & Cultural Studies level 2 field trip to urban West Yorkshire 2011

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Students, a member of staff, a bin and a signpost outside the National Museum of Media, Bradford.

En route to the National Museum of Media

new book

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Gameplay Mode: war, simulation & technoculture by Dr Patrick Crogan has just been published by University of Minnesota Press.

To understand the place of computer games in contemporary culture, Patrick  argues, we must first understand the military logics that created and continue to inform them. Drawing on critical theoretical perspectives on computer-based technoculture, Patrick reveals how today’s computer games—and the wider culture they increasingly influence—are informed by the technoscientific program they inherited from the military-industrial complex. 

Patrick teaches on Media Culture & Practice and Film Studies, and runs the third year module 'Games, Simulation & Media'. For more details of the book, visit:
click for more details

graduate story

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"I've been working at Ape Creative as an Account Executive for nearly 3 years. Ape is a graphic design and marketing consultancy in Brighton who've been running for over 5 years and specialise in premium food packaging, creative strategic thinking and identity. My daily tasks vary from briefing designers, scheduling campaigns, presenting ideas for creative projects, assisting the art directors at photo shoots, taking photos of products and eating freebies like Fudge Kitchen fudge and Prosperity Brownies.

Other than studying web design and photography at UWE (which comes in handy everyday) one of the key skills I've taken away from Uni is the ability to manage time and projects effectively whilst working with different types of people. This really is an invaluable skill. Sadly my time at Ape has come to an end but I've recently taken a job in as an Account Manager at a Social CRM company in Soho, London with clients like Topman and Wii, so who knows where I'll be in a years time!"

Jasmine, Media & Cultural Studies 2008

remaking the everyday

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We are currently building a comprehensive online archive of student critical practice work. To whet your appetite in the meantime, this link will take you to two examples of level 1 video work from a few years ago.

graduate story

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"I am currently working full time as an in-house graphic design assistant for worldwide clothing brand, Motel Rocks. I create pages for their website, HTML mail-outs to a 170 thousand strong database, create look books for print and web, and also have a strong involvement with social network outputs, especially Tumblr. In my spare time I DJ for a all female bass music collective, Dutty Girl, promote various nights and run the blog, which is currently having complete re-design due to launch before Christmas. I gained skills at UWE that I now practice within my 9-5 and in my social life".

Amy, Media & Cultural Studies and Journalism, graduated 2010
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