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The new 2014 Undergraduate Prospectus is now available

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Request a 2014 Undergraduate Prospectus.

Over the last few months the Undergraduate Marketing Team in collaboration with the Graphic Design Team have been busy working on creating the new 2014 Undergraduate Prospectus.

The prospectus has kept to the same format as last year with the theme of employability running throughout,and the use of web links to make it as interactive as possible. After listening to your feedback we have also updated and refreshed it with new student stories, employability statistics, images, etc.

Pages from the 2014 undgergraduate prospectus

Some key developments to the new 2014 prospectus include:

  • Using QR codes for each course cluster, taking potential students directly to the full course listing online to find out more information.
  • An A-Z index of courses and A-Z listing of each course cluster at the back of the prospectus making it much easier to navigate when trying to find a specific course.
  • Moving graduate jobs from the back of the prospectus into their cluster course areas, which feeds into the theme of employability running throughout the prospectus and links prospective students to employability statistics and an impressive range of graduate jobs on the website.
  • Printing the very first carbon neutral prospectus which has reduced the amount of CO2 emissions we produce.

This is the first time we have worked on the prospectus under the new University structure which has led to more involvement and input from faculties and services. We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who contributed to the prospectus as we were able to complete the project ahead of time and to a high standard.

To order the prospectus, please contact printing and stationery.

UWE Social Media

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It’s been a busy few months for the digital team. With social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter topping the list of the most visited websites in the world, any organisation without a significant presence on these is missing a trick. But it’s not just a case of having a profile, it’s what you do with it which really counts. From attracting followers and fans to regularly posting interesting and informative content and engaging with other people and organisations to reputation building – the challenges, when met, reap massive rewards. So just what have we been doing?

While the main focus remains on the most popular and far-reaching sites, Facebook and Twitter, UWE also has profiles on YouTube (channel has more than 375,000 views), Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr and Storify and we keep up to date with developments to ensure we’re where the users are – which could soon see us revisiting Myspace, the pioneer of social media, which has been dying a slow death since the Facebook revolution in 2008, but which looks set for a comeback the company re-launched a new version of the site last year.

Nevertheless, Facebook is currently holding onto the social media crown and a recent survey showed that Facebook is one of the main avenues of communication UWE students use. We’ve currently got around 11,300 fans on the main UWE Bristol Facebook page (the majority of whom, unsurprisingly, are in the 18-24 age group and live in Bristol – though we do have around 300 fans in Malaysia, in Nigeria and in Italy) and last year, broke our record for the total number of likes on a single post – almost 200 on a photo gallery of frosty winter scenes on Frenchay campus. Our photos and galleries are repeatedly proving popular so this year we plan to post a monthly gallery of UWE photos.

We set ourselves a New Year Twitter target to reach 2,013 followers by 2013 and after making sure fellow staff were following us, engaging with other UWE channels and publicising our ambitious aim, we not only achieved this but exceeded it, topping 2,050 followers by January 1, 2013. This has prompted us to set other targets and we’re now keen to reach 6,000 by the end of the year. We’re currently at about 2,300. Watch this space...

Social Media channels


Key Information Sets update

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Following the successful submission of our data by Corporate and Academic Services, Key Information Sets (KIS) for eligible undergraduate courses went live on the Unistats website on Thursday 27 September.

The KIS for each course contains metrics and data for fees, costs of accommodation, employment and salary outcomes, teaching and learning and student satisfaction. By using the Unistats website students can now easily compare data for a range of courses across different universities in one place.

The data isn’t restricted to the Unistats website however and the University is also required to display a KIS for each eligible undergraduate course on its own web pages using a ‘widget’ which pulls in information from the Unistats website.

Having adapted our course content pages to accommodate the KIS widget we went live with the data on our own pages on Monday 22 October. The scrolling widget used displays a small sample of the information with the option to click through to see the full information on the Unistats site.

Not all of our undergraduate courses meet the criteria to display a Key Information Set and as such many of them will not display a widget on our website or have an entry on the Unistats website.

We will continue to update our Key Information Sets with data submissions to the Unistats website as and when required. In the mean time, please feel free to contact me if you have any KIS related queries.

KIS and sell

Posted by Matthew Owen | 2 comments
You may have heard something by now about Key Information Sets (KIS) and with a September launch date looming it's a good time to post about how we will be delivering KIS on UWE web pages.

A bit about KIS
To give some background, KIS are comparable sets of information about full or part-time undergraduate courses and are designed to meet the information needs of prospective students.

All full-time and part-time undergraduate courses planned for 2013-14 in institutions which subscribe to the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) will need to have a KIS.

Prospective students will be able to compare KIS data for each course on the Unistats website as well as via a small advert, or ‘widget’, on the course web pages of universities and colleges.

Delivering KIS
Throughout this year, colleagues across the University have been busy pulling together the data that will be needed to deliver a KIS for each relevant course and this work is nearly completed well in advance of the 22 August 2012 deadline for submission.

The deadline for publishing this information on UWE course web pages using the KIS widget is 31 October 2012. As the current courses information template was not designed with this widget in mind we are now in the process of developing a new template to accommodate KIS. A draft version of this work can be seen below and we will be refining this over the coming month:

Feel free to contact me if you have any queries about how we are delivering KIS. I will be posting with an update on this area later in the year.

For the bigger picture around KIS, please see the HEFCE webpages.


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Update from the UG team

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The last few months were busy in the undergraduate recruitment marketing team. Our new 2013 undergraduate prospectus arrived some weeks ago and I must say – totally subjectively, of course – it looks brilliant. The brief was to keep content short and sweet while providing all necessary information prospective students are looking for. So how did we do it?

We combined print and web elements throughout the prospectus, making sure users understand that what they’re reading here is only a ‘taster’ and there is lot more to watch and read on the web. For example, wherever relevant, tiny URLs direct the reader to a film or to more detailed information on our website.

Important data such as employability rates, university ranking and satisfaction scores are highlighted throughout the prospectus. And, as my personal favourite, at the back of the prospectus we’ve included a pretty impressive list of employers where our recent graduates have gone onto work.

If you’re still not convinced, maybe the fact that we saved £20k in print costs by just cutting down the size of the prospectus might get you excited? A big thank you to all who helped get this project done and dusted!

In line with the new prospectus look, we also ‘upgraded’ the University’s schools and colleges exhibition equipment to attract more students to the UWE stand. Students can now browse on one of the 2 tablets for specific course information or watch our inspirational student videos. 

When we went to UWE’s very ‘own’ UCAS fair on 19 and 20 April, it was exciting to see how busy staff and student ambassadors were with answering all sorts of questions and using the new equipment. All in all, busy times.