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Better Together Awards

Posted by Julia Weston | 0 comments

Our creative, hard working teams featured in the nominations for this year's Better Together awards.  The design team were nominated for both team and individual awards whilst the UWE Stories team were shortlisted for the Vice-Chancellor's Award as a team who had gone the extra mile in their delivery of a new project to capture inspirational stories.

The events team, who were also shortlisted for an award, delivered a stylish ceremony ably abetted by Paul Gough.

We didn't win but we were up against some fierce competition and there's always next year.

Vice-Chancellor Steve West on stage at the bettertogether awards

Well done to the winners!

Update from the UG team

Posted by Barbara Lung | 1 comment

The last few months were busy in the undergraduate recruitment marketing team. Our new 2013 undergraduate prospectus arrived some weeks ago and I must say – totally subjectively, of course – it looks brilliant. The brief was to keep content short and sweet while providing all necessary information prospective students are looking for. So how did we do it?

We combined print and web elements throughout the prospectus, making sure users understand that what they’re reading here is only a ‘taster’ and there is lot more to watch and read on the web. For example, wherever relevant, tiny URLs direct the reader to a film or to more detailed information on our website.

Important data such as employability rates, university ranking and satisfaction scores are highlighted throughout the prospectus. And, as my personal favourite, at the back of the prospectus we’ve included a pretty impressive list of employers where our recent graduates have gone onto work.

If you’re still not convinced, maybe the fact that we saved £20k in print costs by just cutting down the size of the prospectus might get you excited? A big thank you to all who helped get this project done and dusted!

In line with the new prospectus look, we also ‘upgraded’ the University’s schools and colleges exhibition equipment to attract more students to the UWE stand. Students can now browse on one of the 2 tablets for specific course information or watch our inspirational student videos. 

When we went to UWE’s very ‘own’ UCAS fair on 19 and 20 April, it was exciting to see how busy staff and student ambassadors were with answering all sorts of questions and using the new equipment. All in all, busy times.

UWE YouTube Channel - the latest look

Posted by Neil Finlay | 2 comments

If you are a regular YouTube user you will have noticed that they have been busy introducing new page layouts and other improvements over the last couple of months. Last week saw the roll-out of the new channel options, and as we at UWE like to be at the vanguard we have already implemented a new look.

Featured videos

As you will see when you visit our channel the new layout allows us to promote a selection of ‘Featured videos’ alongside our opening presentation. The timing of this change is at an opportune moment for us as it coincides with the release of a new batch of excellent UWE videos produced by Bristol based video production company, Back to the Planet.

Student stories

This latest video project work has seen the realisation of a strategic change in approach and style for our marketing films. With this new collection we have asked UWE students and recent graduates to tell their own stories and present an authentic opinion on aspects of UWE life. From the footage we have produced short snappy narratives complemented by a distinctive documentary style with a professional gloss achieved brilliantly by our friends at Back to the Planet.

UWE Tube

Keep an eye on our ‘UWE Tube’ channel page for all sorts of new releases or to see the results of our video project so far you can go straight to the ‘u+we student stories’ playlist.

We're recruiting

Posted by Julia Weston | 0 comments

UWE Bristol Marketing and Communications are currently recruiting for two exciting roles in the department.

Senior Marketing Manager (Market and Customer Insight) is a new permanent role with responsibility for establishing a market and customer research team within the University, co-ordinating agencies and researchers and setting up operational procedures for informing key marketing decisions (see full details).

The permanent role of Web Editor (Digital Marketing) is also available, focusing on provision of specialist advice and contribution to policy development in digital marketing, social networking and media applications (see full details).

The closing date for these roles is 26 and 25 of September 2011 respectively. To find out more about the benefits of working at UWE Bristol, visit our working at UWE webpages.

So long, farewell

Posted by Nathalie Southall | 0 comments
Today I'm very sad to be saying my goodbyes to UWE.

It's hard to sum up the past four years. I've learned so much, progressing from Marketing temp in Health and Social Care, to Events Assistant and finally to Web Editor.

Workwise, a couple of noteable highlights for me include working with the fabulous CPA team, setting up the UWE Facebook page and being part of the redesign of the new UWE website.
But for me, the main thing I will take away from my time here is the people I have met. UWE seems to have a real knack at employing 'good eggs' and I for one feel extremely lucky to have spent time amongst such a great team of people, particularly in Marketing and Communications.

So - to all those of you I have worked and laughed with along the way, farewell and thank you.