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Great workshop

Posted by Richard West | 0 comments
With our sector undergoing so many changes Emma O and Euro RSCG Heist have been talking to (to name a few) students, staff, applicants, enquirers and alumni. They've been looking at attitudes, expectations and reputations (hope I got that right Em), and the team met this week to start turning the outcomes into creative ideas.

With the amount we have on at the moment the prospect of an afternoon away from everything isn't always welcome - but Jim ran a great workshop.

By getting us to chat, jot, draw and do the odd bit of shouting - he managed to pull an impressive set of ideas from us.

Along with strong plans we're taking forward now, there were some really wonderful, if slightly off-the-wall, concepts. We'll now have to make sure they don't get forgotten, and they do (eventually) see the light of day!

Thanks Jim

Reviewing the brand guide

Posted by Julia Weston | 0 comments
The UWE Bristol brand was rolled out a couple of years ago and we are now revising our guidelines. These will be available in a couple of weeks. In the meantime I would welcome any feedback on the current brand guidelines.

Every little helps

Posted by Mark Murrant | 0 comments

At yesterday’s M&C team meeting there was a lively discussion about the ways the team and the University as a whole could cut costs to meet the planned 15% cost savings over the next three years.

Some of the ideas suggested were:

Stricter / longer lead in times for job requests for design and web. This would be to encourage fewer last minute jobs (which are the most time consuming) and will hopefully encourage faculties and services to integrate these jobs into campaigns.

Reducing the amount of individual printing, in particular unnecessary colour printing. One way to do this would be for a university-wide competition over department paper orders; e.g. aim to half current usage, and would result in an ‘Energy Saving Champion’. This has obvious advantages aside from cost-savings, such as being good for sustainability.

Cutting print and PDF versions of the Bulletin and instead focus efforts on a monthly press office news (which is already in place) and a better landing webpage for news at UWE.

Monitor and assess pay and benefits of Student Ambassadors, for example, lunch vouchers for a free lunch.

Identifying luxuries versus essentials – one idea suggested was for no catering in meetings under two hours, and to use tap water instead of water coolers. Also suggested was that the practice of some faculties and services putting tea, coffee, milk, etc, on their budgets, should be banned and employees be responsible for the purchase of these items.

A greater push for ensuring staff turn monitors and lights off at the end of each day. For example, the last person to leave the office is responsible for checking this, or a nominated ‘Sustainability Champion’ to be responsible for actions such as these.

As you can see there were plenty of ideas thrown-around, some more controversial than others! Please feel free to comment to give your opinion on these or to highlight other areas where you think savings can be made.

Drew's Social Media Presentation

Posted by Emma O'Connell | 2 comments

Thanks to everyone who came to the Euro RSCG Riley presentation today about harnessing the power of social media - we hope you found it useful. Drew is really keen for some feedback on the presentation, particularly:

  • balance of the content
  • what was most useful?
  • choice of case studies

You can do this by emailing me or by leaving a comment here and we'll send Drew here.

Internal e-mails - consultation

Posted by Richard West | 2 comments

We’re aware of just how many bulk e-mails staff and students are getting, from us, and directly from Faculties and Services. Although we've tried to combine messages, encouraged better targeting and the use of subscription models, the number still seem to be rising and so we're taking the opportunity to look at the issue.

What are your experiences of bulk email as a recipient? Are there any you just don't read? How many is too many? Is it a little too easy to contact 30'000 people in one go?

How do you feel as a sender of these? What do you need to be able to do? Are the alternative methods of getting your message out there just not strong enough? Are their methods you'd prefer to be using but aren't available?

We've already taken suggestions and submissions from some staff and students, and we'd like to get your thoughts. Either post a comment here, or drop me an email