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News on urine powered mobile phones goes global

Posted by Mary Price | 3 comments
Research by Dr Ioannis Ieropoulos and his team from Bristol Robotics Laboratory on powering mobile phones with urine and microbial fuel cells has gone global. Within hours of dissemination the story was showing up on over 15 pages on Google and has captured the imagination of broadcasters, news agencies, journalists and on-line media from India to Australia and the USA to all over Europe and the UK.

Key interviews include Dr Ieropoulos taking part in a down the line from BBC in Whiteladies Road with Jon Sopel on BBC World and a skype interview with the Wall Street Journal Live.

Mary Price from the Media Relations Team said "This is one of the biggest stories that we have seen at UWE Bristol in terms of media interest.

"Ollie Cullen and I made a film that has achieved, at the time of wrting, over 27,000 hits demonstrating the power of media coverage in drawing attention to our You Tube channel. The video was embedded into dozens of newspaper and other digital sites including the Independent, the Telegraph, USA Today, Yahoo New Canada and CBS News to name a few."

To watch the video see

To read the news release see

Virtual Open Day filming

Posted by Jo Docker | 4 comments

It is a long term goal to create a virtual open day experience for prospective students and their parents. We want to showcase the many attributes that UWE has to offer. The first step is to produce campus tour films for Frenchay, Bower Ashton, and Glenside and 18 short films based on subject areas.

This suite of videos, which will cater for all our primary audiences, will be used for a number of different promotional purposes, for example they will be embedded on each departmental landing page of the University website to act as a stand-alone introduction to the department/subject area.

Things are starting to take shape

Over the last few months we have been working with a Bristol based production team on the first phase of filming for this project.

Staff in Engineering, Allied Health, Law and Education helped us to organise a set of filming days where we have interviewed academics, researchers, students and employers. We also shot a number of practical sessions to showcase teaching and learning in action.

Filming at the Faculty of Environment and Technology and Creative Industries 2013 degree shows has given us some great material which will also feed into the final subject videos.

The June Open Day gave us the perfect opportunity to shoot some footage of the general hubbub that these events attract and capture some of the fantastic activities that take place across our campuses.

The next phase of filming will begin at the start of the Autumn Term when the campuses come back to life.

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has been involved in this first phase of the project. Watch this space for more updates…

Better Together Awards

Posted by Julia Weston | 0 comments

Our creative, hard working teams featured in the nominations for this year's Better Together awards.  The design team were nominated for both team and individual awards whilst the UWE Stories team were shortlisted for the Vice-Chancellor's Award as a team who had gone the extra mile in their delivery of a new project to capture inspirational stories.

The events team, who were also shortlisted for an award, delivered a stylish ceremony ably abetted by Paul Gough.

We didn't win but we were up against some fierce competition and there's always next year.

Vice-Chancellor Steve West on stage at the bettertogether awards

Well done to the winners!

Key Information Sets update

Posted by Matthew Owen | 0 comments

Following the successful submission of our data by Corporate and Academic Services, Key Information Sets (KIS) for eligible undergraduate courses went live on the Unistats website on Thursday 27 September.

The KIS for each course contains metrics and data for fees, costs of accommodation, employment and salary outcomes, teaching and learning and student satisfaction. By using the Unistats website students can now easily compare data for a range of courses across different universities in one place.

The data isn’t restricted to the Unistats website however and the University is also required to display a KIS for each eligible undergraduate course on its own web pages using a ‘widget’ which pulls in information from the Unistats website.

Having adapted our course content pages to accommodate the KIS widget we went live with the data on our own pages on Monday 22 October. The scrolling widget used displays a small sample of the information with the option to click through to see the full information on the Unistats site.

Not all of our undergraduate courses meet the criteria to display a Key Information Set and as such many of them will not display a widget on our website or have an entry on the Unistats website.

We will continue to update our Key Information Sets with data submissions to the Unistats website as and when required. In the mean time, please feel free to contact me if you have any KIS related queries.

Shrewbot to feature on The One Show tonight

Posted by Mary Price | 1 comment

Jane Kelly from the UWE Media Relations team has teamed up with Professor Tony Pipe in Bristol Robotics Lab (BRL) and the press offices at the University of Bristol and the University of Sheffield to highlight the amazing Shrewbot that will feature on BBC1 ‘The One Show’ tonight at 19:00.

Photo caption: Shrewbot


Read the press release here.

See the YouTube film here put together by Adam Pinfold in IT services.

Shrewbot is the latest in a series of robots which use ‘active touch’ rather than vision to navigate their environment.

The Shrewbot has been developed at Bristol Robotics Laboratory (BRL) in collaboration with the University of Sheffield Active Touch Laboratory as part of the BIOTACT project, Professor Tony Pipe (UWE Bristol) and Professor Tony Prescott (University of Sheffield) are working on the Shrewbot project with a number of partners.  BRL is collaboration between UWE Bristol and the University of Bristol.

The Sheffield Centre for Robotics (SCentRo)
combines the expertise from both the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University.

The Etruscan shrew is nocturnal, relying on its whiskers to find, track and capture its prey – often the same size as itself.  The efficiency of this tiny creature has inspired scientists to look at ways of replicating the shrew’s whiskers to enable robots to find their way around without the use of vision.