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One million views and counting

Posted by Neil Finlay | 0 comments

In the week that the UWE Bristol YouTube channel burst through the one million views barrier I thought it’s a good time to share some interesting little facts that say big things about the power of video and why we are investing time and money in enhancing our marketing and academic video output.

Viewing figures

In the last 30 days the UWE Bristol channel has had 63,000 views across our 450 or so videos. Sounds quite impressive doesn’t it? It sounds even better when you consider that the views translate to 78,000 minutes or about 54 days viewing time. That is an incredible amount of direct engagement with individuals spending a good deal of their quality time in our company.

Global reach

This is worldwide stuff as well. In those 30 days our videos have been watched in 151 countries. The top 5 include USA, Egypt, Brazil and Hong Kong as well as the UK and all of these countries have well over 1,000 views each. We’re spreading the UWE Bristol message around the globe.

Virtual open day

On the marketing front our virtual open day suite of videos are proving successful with 25 videos clocking up nearly 60,000 views since their release. We have no way of directly attributing recruitment figures to videos but the high quality production values and the above average viewer retention signifies engaged viewers. We’re making a positive impression and increasing brand recognition at the very least.

Academic profile raising

It’s not all about big numbers either. Our Distinguish Executive Address interviews and public lectures may have views in the hundreds rather than thousands but the combined reach of these videos across the academic and business communities means that our videos are working 24 hours a day to raise the profile of UWE Bristol in a multitude of niche areas.

Keep the camera rolling

There is compelling evidence that video is an essential tool in marketing and that the audience is becoming more and more particular about what they watch. Our videos are doing a great job of promoting the University… but we need to keep raising our game. As our competitors improve their video output so must we look to keep one step ahead or pick up our pace to catch up.

Thanks must go to all our video producers across the university who I know are going the extra mile and striving to raise the standards of our homegrown output with limited resources. Your efforts are definitely worthwhile, as proven by our big hitting news video about urine power which has over 130,000 views.

There are more exciting projects in the pipeline so keep your eyes on our channel. I’m certain that the next million views will happen a lot more quickly than the first.