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News on urine powered mobile phones goes global   

Posted by Mary Price | 3 comments  
Research by Dr Ioannis Ieropoulos and his team from Bristol Robotics Laboratory on powering mobile phones with urine and microbial fuel cells has gone global. Within hours of dissemination the story was showing up on over 15 pages on Google and has captured the imagination of broadcasters, news agencies, journalists and on-line media from India to Australia and the USA to all over Europe and the UK.

Key interviews include Dr Ieropoulos taking part in a down the line from BBC in Whiteladies Road with Jon Sopel on BBC World and a skype interview with the Wall Street Journal Live.

Mary Price from the Media Relations Team said "This is one of the biggest stories that we have seen at UWE Bristol in terms of media interest.

"Ollie Cullen and I made a film that has achieved, at the time of wrting, over 27,000 hits demonstrating the power of media coverage in drawing attention to our You Tube channel. The video was embedded into dozens of newspaper and other digital sites including the Independent, the Telegraph, USA Today, Yahoo New Canada and CBS News to name a few."

To watch the video see

To read the news release see

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3 comments for "News on urine powered mobile phones goes global"

Gadget sites  Friday 19 July, 11.09 

I was really pleased to see this story reach some of the gadget sites I read on a daily basis, many of them based in the States - several offering interesting angles on the UK coverage!

Rob Chilcott

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