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Happy Anniversary Sue!

Posted by Nathalie Southall | 1 comment
This week we wished the very lovely Sue Fox a happy anniversary as she marked 25 years at UWE.

Having worked closely with Sue for almost four years I can personally vouch for her fresh ideas, incredible ability to remain calm under pressure, and her genuine passion for the University.

We have Sue to thank for Welcome Weekend, a wonderful event for new students which is now approaching its sixth year. As well as this Sue and her team work tirelessly on many other UWE events including Awards Ceremonies, Open Days, the annual Bolland Lecture, Centre for Performing Arts events and the bettertogether awards - to name but a few. 

Congratulations Sue, here's to your hard work and putting the sparkle into UWE events.

We like it!

Posted by Emma Watkins | 0 comments
Nathalie, Richard and I are pleased to announce that the UWE Facebook page has now hit over 3500 'likes'! As well as being a good indicator that the site is continuing to interest it's members, it also means that there will be more cake in the office.

I thought I'd take this opportunity to give a bit more detailed feedback on how the Facebook page is going, and the sort of interactions we've been having with students.

Now that the application cycle is hotting up we have had a lot more activity. I am pleased to report that this has been overwhelmingly positive. We have seen more posts from students celebrating their offers and interacting with one another on the page, including answering each others questions, wishing each other luck after interview days, and getting to know who else will be on their course. We have also seen a lot more international activity, with students from India, Nigeria, Ghana and Pakistan letting us know how excited they are about their offers. There has also recently been a lot of activity around students posting their accomodation offers and finding their flatmates, which has been lovely to see.

In terms of interacting with our posts, we have had a consistent amount of feedback from members. A large proportion of our posts have recieved 'likes', indicating that members are interested in what we have to say. A smaller proportion have also recieved comments. Both are positive, as it means that our posts become visible to the friends of those who have 'liked' or commented. A rough average number of impressions for each of these posts is just over 4,000, with some days reaching over 4,400, showing that we are reaching more than just our immediate fans with our posts. It is worth mentioning that these likes are comments are coming from different people all the time, so it is not just a small, highly engaged few that are interacting with us, but the wider population.

We hope that the site continues to grow - we'll keep you updated!

Great workshop

Posted by Richard West | 0 comments
With our sector undergoing so many changes Emma O and Euro RSCG Heist have been talking to (to name a few) students, staff, applicants, enquirers and alumni. They've been looking at attitudes, expectations and reputations (hope I got that right Em), and the team met this week to start turning the outcomes into creative ideas.

With the amount we have on at the moment the prospect of an afternoon away from everything isn't always welcome - but Jim ran a great workshop.

By getting us to chat, jot, draw and do the odd bit of shouting - he managed to pull an impressive set of ideas from us.

Along with strong plans we're taking forward now, there were some really wonderful, if slightly off-the-wall, concepts. We'll now have to make sure they don't get forgotten, and they do (eventually) see the light of day!

Thanks Jim