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UWE on Yammer *updated*

Posted by Richard West | 5 comments
Thanks to Emma O's enthusiasm we've jumped onto Yammer - a professional social network with similar functionality to facebook (though quite different content). Unlike our LinkedIn groups however, this network is about internal collaboration - and is only available to UWE staff.

There are just under fifty staff on here at the moment (mostly those with a marketing and recruitment focus). Will be interesting to see if it proves useful, and if it finds a home in other corners of the University.

Well it was an experiment worth having, and although quite a few staff joined up, it didn't become the hotbed of academic and professional collaboration that we'd hoped (in fact only a few people ever posted anything).

As such we've decided to call it a day, and we're no longer use this site.

If you thought it sounded interesting though don't despair. On Wednesday we had a demo of the new intranet being developed by the Sharepoint team in collaboration with HP. Part of the aim is to provide staff with the space and tools for collaboration, both at a team, and wider UWE level.