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Happy Birthday UWE Bulletin - celebrating 100 issues

Posted by Kate Grautstuck | 0 comments
As is customary in M&C we're celebrating the 100th issue of the UWE Bulletin today with some cake!

Mary Price and Jane Kelly, joint Bulletin editors for all 100 issues say, "The Bulletin is a team effort. We would like to thank everyone who contributes each month, especially Jayne Andrews, Kate Mooney and Lesley Drake in the Press Office who contribute articles and manage production, Annette Marchant-Haycox, Debbie Harris and Ben Smith in the design team, the team at UWE Printing and Stationery, Josephine Herrlinger who picks up all the errors we've missed at final proof stage and all our regular contributors from HR, the Staff Association, the Marketing events team and Faculty Marketing staff."

Anniversary copies are making their way to you or you can also read online at

Press Office

Be right with you

Posted by Richard West | 0 comments
We're going through an office move/reshuffle at the moment. As we're without our desks and PCs, Marketing and Communications staff have been scattered to the four corners of Frenchay.

As such we might be hard to get hold of this week (sorry about that) but should be up and running again (back in 1D03) by Monday 24 January.

**Update - we are (pretty much) up and running again - curious visitors welcome**