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Every little helps

Posted by Mark Murrant | 0 comments

At yesterday’s M&C team meeting there was a lively discussion about the ways the team and the University as a whole could cut costs to meet the planned 15% cost savings over the next three years.

Some of the ideas suggested were:

Stricter / longer lead in times for job requests for design and web. This would be to encourage fewer last minute jobs (which are the most time consuming) and will hopefully encourage faculties and services to integrate these jobs into campaigns.

Reducing the amount of individual printing, in particular unnecessary colour printing. One way to do this would be for a university-wide competition over department paper orders; e.g. aim to half current usage, and would result in an ‘Energy Saving Champion’. This has obvious advantages aside from cost-savings, such as being good for sustainability.

Cutting print and PDF versions of the Bulletin and instead focus efforts on a monthly press office news (which is already in place) and a better landing webpage for news at UWE.

Monitor and assess pay and benefits of Student Ambassadors, for example, lunch vouchers for a free lunch.

Identifying luxuries versus essentials – one idea suggested was for no catering in meetings under two hours, and to use tap water instead of water coolers. Also suggested was that the practice of some faculties and services putting tea, coffee, milk, etc, on their budgets, should be banned and employees be responsible for the purchase of these items.

A greater push for ensuring staff turn monitors and lights off at the end of each day. For example, the last person to leave the office is responsible for checking this, or a nominated ‘Sustainability Champion’ to be responsible for actions such as these.

As you can see there were plenty of ideas thrown-around, some more controversial than others! Please feel free to comment to give your opinion on these or to highlight other areas where you think savings can be made.