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CASE Strategic Marketing Institute

Posted by Julia Weston | 0 comments

I’ve just come back from the CASE Strategic Marketing Institute in York. Over 60 members of marketing staff from HEIs across Europe took part in four days of sessions on strategy, planning, branding, customer service, direct and interactive marketing. It was an intensive programme of talks, tutorials and networking which has left me full of ideas and energy. I did manage to get to Betty's tea-room before I left York!

I would be happy to share what came out of this, so if you are interested in finding out more then e-mail me or post a comment.

Formspring changes

Posted by Richard West | 0 comments

We're changing the way we share the Marketing and Communications Formspring account...

After losing our old forms/survey providers we were very aware that it wasn't just us who were stuck without an alternative. When we did find a replacement that ticked all Legal's boxes we shared our account to get everyone up and running asap.

It seems to have been well used, and we're now over a third of the way through our usage allowance, and expect to exceed it in the near future.

We're still happy to share our formspring account - but would ask that is now only used for marketing purposes*. If you'd like to create a form or survey for other purposes then we'd ask you get your faculty to create its own formspring account, or use one of the alternative tools that are now being used.

NB. As long as the correct security settings are enabled for each form (if you're unsure about this then do contact us) there is no problem using your own formspring account for the collection of personal data.

*If you already have non-marketing form or survey on the Marketing account don't worry about moving it. 

Internal e-mails - consultation

Posted by Richard West | 2 comments

We’re aware of just how many bulk e-mails staff and students are getting, from us, and directly from Faculties and Services. Although we've tried to combine messages, encouraged better targeting and the use of subscription models, the number still seem to be rising and so we're taking the opportunity to look at the issue.

What are your experiences of bulk email as a recipient? Are there any you just don't read? How many is too many? Is it a little too easy to contact 30'000 people in one go?

How do you feel as a sender of these? What do you need to be able to do? Are the alternative methods of getting your message out there just not strong enough? Are their methods you'd prefer to be using but aren't available?

We've already taken suggestions and submissions from some staff and students, and we'd like to get your thoughts. Either post a comment here, or drop me an email

Neil joins the team

Posted by Neil Finlay | 2 comments

Hi. As a new recruit to the web marketing team it is one of my first duties and a pleasure to introduce myself to you all in blog form.

I have arrived at Marketing and Communications Department from IT Services where I spent a very fulfilling year looking after the display side of the myUWE portal. For the last decade or so prior to that I have been working in the field of web design, web development and content creation. During that time I have been employed at Bristol University and the Environment Agency and spent the last few years working with a colleague attempting to nurture a fledgling business to maturity. Unfortunately the recession put paid to my efforts in this regard but the silver lining to that cloud was that it led me to joining UWE.

The small business that I was involved with, EyeGaze Ltd, specialises in working in the field of Deaf1 accessibility. This involves the production of large amounts of British Sign Language video for the web and also portable devices, e.g. mobile phones, which are then used as video guides in museums and galleries.  I was lucky enough to design and build guides for some fairly high profile institutions including Tate Britain, Guggenheim Bilbao, Victoria and Albert Museum, Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum and Bristol’s own Brunel’s ss Great Britain. 

Through all of my previous roles I have been acutely aware of the need for content to be tailored specifically for the web. Keeping copy fresh, concise and search engine friendly are essential considerations.  Emergent web technologies can brighten or bog down a web site so keeping an eye on the cutting edge and careful evaluation of exciting prospects is vital. As a member of the web team these tasks will be part of my remit and I’m looking forward to getting stuck in.

Outside of work and the web my spare time is currently focused on my baby son, Stanley. Before he came along I had a range of interests that I hope to revisit one day including playing football, walking, festivals, travel and good old fashioned socialising. In the warmer months I like to indulge my passion for lazy afternoons in sunny beer gardens – it doesn’t get much better than that.


1 I use Deaf as opposed to deaf here as that distinguishes between those that are born deaf or become deaf in their early years and use sign language as their native language and those that are deafened later in life.