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Let's start at the very beginning

Posted by Matthew Owen | 0 comments

This year we’ve been looking at the UWE website. Nothing unusual about that you might say, but we’ve been looking really closely at the site to understand what it’s doing, who it’s doing it for and what it is doing well or not so well.

To help us with this we partnered with the nice people at Precedent communications who have a lot of experience of getting under the skin of web user and business needs and then applying that to the shape and structure of websites to make them work better for everyone.

After workshops, online exercises and some complicated validation diagrams which took a while to understand, Precedent delivered a document at the end of September called an Information Architecture. This is basically a proposed new structure for the UWE website which places our content in a logical order and links it all up in a way which will make it more effective.

We’re hoping we can use this information architecture as the roadmap to deliver a “better” UWE website and are currently shaping plans which will help us deliver that over the next year or more.

You can see the information architecture here (you may need to log in to view), and we’d welcome any questions or comments about what is being proposed. It might be a big project to take on, but like many other projects taking place at UWE at the moment, we really can’t afford to stand still in the current HE environment.

Alison joins the team

Posted by Alison Charlton | 0 comments

The team has asked me to write a few words about myself, so here we go!

I started my career in marketing in 2005, working for Jarvis Woodhouse Events, managing key business accounts for mainly large blue chips companies such as Vodafone and Directline.  I then went on to work for Triodos bank, an ethical bank based in Bristol, as their Marketing and Events Coordinator, overseeing the banks marketing and events activity, and managing key partnership relationships.  In 2007, I was contracted as a Project Officer for a year to work for Bristol City Council Regeneration Division, and was involved in a variety of projects including the inaugural BETS Expo and the South Bristol Regeneration project.

I have been working for UWE for the last year and a half on various assignments, including a 5 month contract acting up as Marketing Manager for the Faculty of Creative Arts, overseeing their marketing and communications activities.

I am now very pleased to be working with the Marketing Web team as a Web Editor, and after 3 weeks in the post, I now feel that I am starting to get the hang of things! (Many thanks to Owen for the induction!)  I am currently working on revised copy and templates for the UWE Campus pages, and very much look forwarding to working on the exciting new projects that are currently under way such as the IA (Information Architecture) and CMS projects.

On a more personal note…I am a complete film addict and valued customer of Love Film! ;)  I enjoy the theatre (recent productions include ‘Oliver Twist’ and ‘We will rock you’), the outdoors (biking, walking, swinging from trees at GoApe  etc.), languages and photography, and not forgetting nice country pubs and lots of socialising!

Bit of random information…

Climbed Sri Pada in Sri Lanka aided by lots of sugary tea and mars bars!

Taught English to 10-12 year olds in Valencia, Spain

Look forward to working with you all!