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Understanding Sexual Violence and Abuse Event 

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On Tuesday November 10, the Watershed hosted the third 'Understanding Sexual violence and abuse' public  engagement event organised by Prof. Phil Rumney and Dr Kieran McCartan (Criminology). The event attracted 79 attendees on the night and there was very positive feedback.

It featured a series of talks and extended Q&A sessions involving UWE researchers and external research partners (Circles South West, Unseen and Avon & Somerset Constabulary). This included an evaluation conducted by Dr Jess Elliott in collaboration with the charity Unseen, which examined the training of personnel in the identification of trafficked persons.

In addition, Phil Rumney and two colleagues in criminology (Dr Kieran McCartan and Dr James Hoggett) discussed their evaluation of Avon & Somerset Constabulary's Lighthouse: Victim & Witness Care programme.
The next 'Understanding sexual violence and abuse' public engagement event will be on 9 March 2017.

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The Intervention Initiative 

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The Intervention Initiative has been in the news a lot recently. The Universities UK Taskforce Report was published and recommends evidence-based bystander programmes for universities, citing The Intervention Initiative and the literature review published by Public Health England (Fenton, Mott, McCartan and Rumney 2016). The report contains an annexe detailing The Intervention Initiative and acknowledges the contribution of Rachel Fenton to the Report and for the writing of the glossary of terms for it.

Rachel Fenton gave comment in The Guardian and subsequently published a follow-up piece in The Guardian on the legal guidance. The BBC published a piece on The Intervention Initiative which featured a video of UWE Law students in an Intervention Initiative class taught by Dr Tom Smith and interviews with several Law students and with Rachel Fenton. Rachel Fenton gave a presentation at the Universities UK Conference marking the release of the Report, on the research and implementation of The Intervention Initiative.
Rachel was subsequently invited to attend the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Students at the House of Commons to discuss the Taskforce Report. She also gave a talk on the Intervention Initiative to Southampton Solent university attended by the universities of Southampton and Winchester, and gave a paper on her work on vulnerability and sexual violence at Emory University, Atlanta.

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