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UWE's Cyber law and Regulation Blog 

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UWE's Cyber law and Regulation Blog has a new post from German Criminologist Thomas-Gabriel Rüdiger, M.A. The Blog post entitled: Cyber-grooming as the nucleus of global digital policing? focuses on how national and international law plays a part in ensuring the global safety of children and examines how the global role of law enforcement agencies are essential. For the blog please visit: https://cyberlawandregulation.wordpress.com/
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Understanding Sexual Violence and Abuse: Causes, Responses and Prevention 

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Join us at the second 'Understanding Sexual Violence and Abuse: Causes, Responses and Prevention' event as part of a free and open discussion about sexual violence and abuse: its causes, consequences, as well as ways of responding to the problem.
This event is intended to educate and engage the public in the prevention of sexual assault, abuse and exploitation in a non-theoretical and accessible manner. We want to engage the public in a discussion about sexual assault and abuse; improve public understanding of sexual assault and abuse, involve the public in prevention, public health and education strategies and bring together members of the public, professionals, practitioners, scholars and students.
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