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Where research and learning teaching meet. 

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Dr Clare Chambers-Jones, from Law,  has successfully gained a distinction in her Masters in Education in Virtual Worlds. Clare was one of the first masters students to undertake the new UWE course and has undertaken the course part time over the last two years to further her interest in teaching and learning in the virtual world. Her research already focuses around virtual worlds and financial crime but the environment also poses many pedagogical benefits for active learning. Her dissertation “To What Extent does text based virtual world learning benefit the learning experience?” stemmed from her interest in alternative delivery methods due to a vocal impairment following a replacement trachea in 2010.
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Criminal Justice: Guest Speaker - Ben Gunn 

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Date: 04 March 2015
Venue: 3C01, Frenchay Campus
Time: 13:00 - 15:00

The Criminal Justice Unit welcomes you to this free event, where we are very pleased to have Ben Gunn: campaigner, writer and blogger for prisoners' rights.

About Ben Gunn

“From schoolboy murderer to being one of the most vocal critics of the criminal justice system, Ben Gunn's 32 years in prison leads him to look at prisons with a more cynical eye. Described by the Parole Board as 'A fully paid up member of the awkward squad', Ben provides a fascinating and unique insight into the Carceral Machine.”

How to attend

This event is free, but registration is required. If you would like to attend, please register with our online form.

For more information about this event or if you require parking, please email Jessica Elliott.

Cost: Free
Contact: Jessica Elliott
Telephone: +44 (0)117 32 82974
E-mail: Jessica.Elliott@uwe.ac.uk

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Forthcoming: Understanding Sexual Violence and Abuse: Causes, Consequences and Prevention 

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Join us at 'Understanding Sexual Violence and Abuse: Causes, Consequences and Prevention' in this free and open discussion about sexual violence and abuse: its causes, consequences, as well as ways of identifying risk and preventing offending.

Inspired by the structure of the Festival of Dangerous Ideas, this Public Engagement Project is designed to educate and engage the public in the prevention of sexual assault, abuse and exploitation in a non-theoretical and user friendly manner. The goals of the project are to engage the public in a discussion about sexual assault and abuse; improve public understanding of sexual assault and abuse, involve the public in prevention, public health and education strategies and bring together members of the public, professionals, practitioners, scholars and students.

The event is sponsored by Social Science in the City and the Centre for Legal Research.

Topics and Speakers

Understanding sexual offenders and sexual violence

Understanding sex offender management - Dr Kristen Zgoba, Rutgers University

Prosecuting UK sex offenders who offend abroad - Duncan McPhee, UWE

Victims of sexual violence and sexual exploitation

Victim participation in the prosecution of traffickers - Dr Jess Elliott, UWE

Trauma reactions to sexual violence - Lisa Benjamin, SARSAS

Preventing sexual violence and abuse

Understanding and preventing child sexual abuse - NSPCC

Community reintegration and preventing reoffending - Circles of Support and Accountability

Format of the event
•Short 10 minute talks by a range of experts
•An extended Q and A session following each talk
•Information stalls
•A chance to meet local service providers, charities and outreach groups who work in the field of sexual violence and abuse

Who should attend?

This event is aimed at a wide audience, including the general public and requires no prior education, training or specialist knowledge on any of the topics.

Why attend?
•To improve your understandings of sexual violence and abuse;
•To improve your awareness of current responses;
•To become more aware of the consequences of sexual violence and abuse for victims, offenders, families, communities, and wider society;
•To become involved in prevention, public health and education strategies to address sexual violence and abuse.

If you are interested in attending this event, please register online, http://uwe.formstack.com/forms/understanding. Light refreshments will be available.

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