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Victims and perpetrators of sexual violence: law, policy and research seminar 

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Presented by Department of Law and Department of Health and Applied Social Sciences (Criminology). The purpose of this second law, policy and research seminar is to examine recent legal, policy and research developments in the area of sexual violence. The seminar will focus on a broad range of issues of relevance to those working with victims and perpetrators of sexual violence as well as those researching, teaching and studying in this area. This seminar will help those who attend to better understand how criminal justice responses to sexual violence are developing across a range of areas and will include a focus on the following:

• Barriers to the identification of victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation
• Historic allegations of abuse
• Rape sentencing
• Special measures and cross examination of vulnerable witnesses in sexual offence cases

• Child sexual abuser aetiology and behaviour
• Child sexual abuser reintegration
• Community engagement and management
• Sex offender disclosure schemes
• Interviewing sex offenders

For further details and to book a place at the event please see the webpage

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