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EIC Exhibition of Innovation Teaching and Learning Research 

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On the 2 December 2013 in room 4E13 (10am-4pm) the EIC will be holding a Christmas exhibition demonstrating the work of academics throughout the university. Registration is not needed - please come along for all or just part of the day. Dr Clare Chambers-Jones, Head of the Commercial Law Research Unit, will be showcasing her work on virtual legal education, which runs parallel to her research into virtual world financial crime. Clare will be demonstrating her two current projects for the faculty of Business and Law; these being the Legal Promenade and the Banking Plaza projects.  The aim of both projects to get students and staff to think about legal education teaching and learning in a more innovative way, providing students will an immersive environment where active learning can take place. Various educational activities can take place in the virtual legal environment such as moots, simulations, case studies, role plays, case re-enactments, to name but a few. All are welcome to come along to the showcase as there will be mince pies and nibbles and Clare will be on hand to demonstrate the virtual world environment.
Below are more details about each project.
Legal Promenade

Design Phase – Completion January 2014
One: A pair of platforms located in the air, one that will provide a three dimensional overview of the UK court system and a second level providing an overview of the European system that users can navigate. The platform is to include animated elements, movement and interactive information. The design is to take the form of rising columns representing different legal environments that rise from a platform and are connected by walkways that appear between them as the users navigate around the system. One (or two depending on the final design agreed) of these columns will include a link to an example environment that the users can travel to (see below). Other platforms will allow the possibility of this feature being added in subsequent projects.

Two: A ground level structure that can contain example court rooms that can be activated on demand, either through a control interface or by the platforms above. Two court room environments from the UK court system will be created for use inside the structure, to be accessed either from within or from the platforms described above. These are to be suitable for both role play and as typical examples of the spaces they represent to be used as teaching tools, orientation spaces and learning environments. This may include interactive elements and information delivery both inside and outside the structure as well as on the platforms described above. The simulation should allow for other court interiors to be added in the future. Adjacent to this structure an "in world" office space for the course tutor to offer appointments and tutorial time via the virtual world.

Banking Plaza

Design Phase: Completion January 2014
The project will consist of the creation a banking plaza where investment banking, compliance and economic trades and simulations are carried out. The banking plaza will be a symbolic representation of a city investment centre similar to Canary Wharf and Cabot square and is to be placed adjacent to and incorporate the court building simulation project.

The exterior and plaza surrounds are to suggest a corporate architectural style, located somewhere in London, the plaza is to appear enclosed by several buildings although only three internal spaces will be behind them, the rest being false fronts to these spaces or facades with no building attached. The internal spaces are to contain the following:

An investment bank simulation space accessed via a lobby space and adjoined by tutorial/discussion space. The lobby is to include an exhibition/display illustrating information relating to the financial ombudsman, Financial Action Task Force and Treasury Select Committee. This information will be displayed in suitably visual ways and using links to web hosted information and websites. The main internal space shall be a mock-up of an investment bank trading floor, with suitable computers, desks, screens and other set furnishings. Screens and other elements to be determined with form links to course materials and trading simulations outside the virtual space. One wall will hold information linking to web pages detailing law and compliance data as well as other relevant resources. News information such as Reuters RSS feeds will be displayed in the room which should give the impression of being a connected, information rich environment. The adjoining tutorial space will be themed to fit with the bank setting, such as a boardroom, or other more informal office space.

A retail bank front office with customer service desks and customer advice areas where students can undertake interview and due diligence role-play. Other information sources will be linked by visual elements such as pamphlets and forms displayed in the space.

A History of Banking walk through display utilising images, film clips and web links (to be provided). Where possible the display should aim to be interactive and seek to be more than a room full of images. Further design work will be undertaken to develop display methods.


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Changes to the UK Tribunal system 

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Date: 19 November 2013
Venue: Room 4Q68, Frenchay Campus
Time: 12:00 - 13:30

This informative and dynamic seminar is part of the UWE Bristol Commercial Law Research Unit (CLRU)'s seminar series. DAC Beachcroft solicitors will be outlining the changes and challenges of the new tribunal system in England and Wales.

This seminar brings together both the practical and academic side of employment law and will be essential for any staff and students interested in employment law.


DAC Beachcroft Solicitors Partner Simon Lambert and Solicitor Kate Woosnam. You can download their profiles here.

About the CLRU

The Commercial Law Research Unit (CLRU) merges the existing areas of expertise in commercial law in the Department of Law and the Bristol Institute of Legal Practice (BILP). The unit's primary objective is to produce and promote exceptional research, teaching and knowledge exchange activities in the area of commercial law.

An important aspect of our role is to bridge the gap between academic law and its practical application. The research interest and activities of the CLRU focus on a wide range of commercial law related activities including corporate social responsibility, employment law, international trade law, banking and finance law, financial regulation, financial crime, information technology law, corporate governance and consumer law.


Please email Dr Clare Chambers-Jones to book your place.

Cost: Free
Contact: Dr Clare Chambers-Jones
E-mail: clare.chambers@uwe.ac.uk

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Guest Lecture by The Police and Crime Commissioner 

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The Centre for Legal Research and Women Law Students Forum are delighted to host Sue Mountstevens's anniversary lecture, exactly one year after the date she took office as PCC for Avon and Somerset. Join us as we celebrate her achievements, hear her reflections on her first year in post and learn about her future plans and strategic priorities.
Bristol Law School UWE, Guest Lecture, The Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) One Year On: Reflections and Futures, 22 November 2013, 18.30

For more information and to register, please use the link below:


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Innovative Database Tool 

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Bristol Law School, UWE in partnership with Equas Ltd. gains a government grant to create an innovative database tool for companies for compliance in environmental law. This 12 month long project will create a graduate legal consultant job and make a significant contribution to the business sector. 

For more information contact the project leader: Dr Umut Turksen

E-mail: Umut2.Turksen@uwe.ac.uk

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