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Trafficking, consent and victim identification  

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The Centre for Legal Research is delighted to introduce our latest YouTube talk which is given by Dr Jessica Elliott who discusses her research here. Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j10EX8fN068


Summary: Human trafficking is a global issue, which has been the focus of legislative and policy changes over the past decade or so. The internationally accepted definition of human trafficking includes, for adults, a 'lack of consent' element, rendering it essential to show that some form of coercion, fraud, deception etc has been used against the victim, so that they might be identified as 'trafficked'. Determining lack of consent is no mean feat; consequently incorrect determinations can leave some genuine victims without recourse to the assistance and protection that is available to recognised victims of human trafficking. This, amongst other things, provides a barrier to correct and timely identification. Dr Elliott's current research focuses on identifying the barriers that currently exist as regards the identification of trafficked persons.

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Victims and perpetrators of sexual violence: law, policy and research update seminar 

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On Tuesday 14 January 2014, UWE’s School of Law and Department of Criminology will be hosting an event entitled: ‘Victims and perpetrators of sexual violence: law, policy and research update seminar’. The event will provide an up-date on a range of legal, policy and research issues pertaining to victims and perpetrators of sexual violence and is aimed at anyone concerned with these issues, including professionals working in the field, students and scholars. For more information please go to the seminar web site here.

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