MSc Information Management at UWE Bristol

CILIP’s Employer Engagement Event : Leading future workforce development.

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This event took place at City, University of London on Wednesday 2ndNovember, and was a gathering of employers from different library and information sectors, and representatives of iSchools and LIS Programmes.  The purpose of the day was first to c ... [Read more]

Data Literacy: Concept and Competencies

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Data literacy is an important and rapidly developing area for information professionals and can be thought of as a specialised subset of information literacy. It spans among other things research data management, student study skills, organisational ... [Read more]

LILAC (Information Literacy) Conference 2015 - a student's perspective

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Posted on behalf of IM student Julie Albury Introduction   I attended the Librarians’ Information Literacy Annual Conference (LILAC) between 8th and 10th April 2015 at Newcastle University.  This was the first conference I have had ... [Read more]

Networking and career planning for soon-to-be graduates

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The final session together of 2015 for the Personal and Organisational Management module covered the important subject of networking and career planning. We were fortunate enough to have Heather Maggs from TfPL with us, together with Donald ... [Read more]
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Importance of social media for librarians

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Virginia Power, a tutor on the MSc has contributed the following acrostic to  Taylor and Francis research on social media Social media is crucial to information professionals for:- Sharing Views Optimizing knowledge Collaborating on projects ... [Read more]
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Knowledge, skills and reskilling – where does the MSc fit in?

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On July 1st, ALISS (Association of Librarians and Information professionals in the Social Sciences) organised a day conference in Cardiff on developments and innovations in staff development. I was pleased to contribute a presentation/workshop about ... [Read more]