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New customer relationship management system to improve services for disabled students

Posted by Vicky Swinerd | 6 Comments
Contributed by Christine Little, Senior Project Manager, Strategic Programmes Office

Strategy 2020 Update: Ways of Working 2020

Disabled students will benefit from the introduction of a new customer relationship management (CRM) system to help manage the process of assessing their study needs. This is the first part of an improvement project within the Ways of Working 2020 strategic programme.

From this month the Access West of England (AWE) team and Disability Services will use the CRM system to deliver their service. This will:

• Significantly reduce the risk of breaches of data protection
• Provide more rigorous records of student data
• Make it easier for staff to access and maintain student data
• Enable a more efficient service

AWE provides a service to more than 900 disabled people each year, both UWE students and those going to other higher education institutions, to assess their study support needs.

The next part of the project is to develop an online portal to provide an accessible entry point for students who wish to carry out tasks such as making appointments and submitting enquiries, and provide data with improved security and automated data transfer to and from the CRM system.