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Health and Wellbeing Update   

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Contributed by Lizzie Johnson, Health and Wellbeing Coordinator.

Mental health is a growing concern for the university,  and is one of the priority areas for the Healthy University Group (HUG). In order to raise awareness about mental health and the support available, HUG are working on a number of related projects including: 

Feel Good Focus – a new project looking at a particular health topic each month for students and staff. This will enable UWE to promote health and wellbeing all throughout the year (not just February), it will raise awareness about key issues such as mental health during exam periods or staff taking breaks for lunch and will hopefully increase engagement with our initiatives/events.

Feel Good February (FGF) – planning is underway we are hoping for a full programme of activities and events again this year if anyone would like to contribute to FGF or give any suggestions for activities please don’t hesitate to contact

Mental health working group – There is a lot of work going on across the university around mental health so we have decided to create a working group to bring all interested parties together to ensure future plans/projects are co-ordinated efficiently and ensure some consistency.

The Wellbeing College – UWE are partnering with the Wellbeing College (South Glos partnership scheme) to bring relevant wellbeing courses such as peer support, money matters, mindfulness, assertiveness training, cooking courses etc. to UWE for its staff and students. This will be launched in February 2017.


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