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UWE Bristol Science Communication Unit is a Centre of Excellence 

Posted by Denise Hope | 1 comment
RobotCongratulations to everyone in the UWE Bristol Science Communication Unit (SCU) who have worked hard to make the SCU a Centre of Excellence.

Centre of Excellence status was granted by UWE Bristol in acknowledgement of the unique blend of skills held by staff within the Unit, its ground breaking research, innovative practical projects and world class postgraduate programmes.

Some of the SCU's most famous projects that have engaged the general public have included the Royal Academy of Engineering award winning project, Walking with robots and Heart robot which inspired phenomenal global media interest reaching audiences from Australia to Brazil.

For further information read the full UWE press release here or view the Science Communication Unit web pages
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New funding for hydrophilic interaction chromatography research  

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Dr David McCalley has recently received a grant from the EPSRC to fund a postdoctoral worker to assist with research into faster and more efficient ways of analysing clinical and pharmaceutical samples. The project, Investigation of the separation mechanism in hydrophilic interaction chromatography is a collaboration with GlaxoSmithKline in Stevenage.

Chromatography is a method of separating and analysing important chemicals such as ethical pharmaceuticals, drugs of abuse or compounds in biological fluids that may be indicative of disease. A popular variant is high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), where the sample is introduced into a liquid stream and passed through a column containing small particles of the separation medium. The annual world market for instruments and consumables in HPLC is several billion dollars; thousands of analyses are carried out daily in the UK alone. Faster and more efficient variations of the technique are continually being sought. One of these is hydrophilic interaction chromatography (HILIC), a technique that has significant advantages over the commonly used separation procedure ("reversed-phase"). However, the mechanism of this newer technique is poorly understood-some separations seem to work well, whereas others do not, for no apparent reason.

The aim of this research will be to elucidate the principles of the HILIC separation mechanism and to elucidate the experimental parameters that are most influential, such that new applications can be devised. This knowledge will be applied for example to the development of new analytical methods for assessment of molecules used as building blocks in drug discovery in the pharmaceutical industry, or the monitoring of circulating levels of antibiotics which have a narrow therapeutic range (ineffective at low levels but toxic at high levels) in body fluids.

For more information, contact Dr David McCalley.

Nursing Leaders of Sigma Theta Tau International Phi Mu Chapter Meet at UWE 

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Members of the Phi Mu Chapter (England) of Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI), Honour Society of Nursing met at in the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences on the last month at an event hosted by the Centre for Health and Clinical Research. Phi Mu is the first all-England chapter of this prestigious international nursing scholarship society, hosted by Bournemouth University.

The Chapter business meeting was followed by four excellent presentations from Professors Candy McCabe, Sarah Hewlett and Margaret Fletcher and Ms Gillian May, Executive Nurse NHS Swindon. Presentations were highly thought provoking and highlighted the importance of nursing leadership, scholarship and research for clinical practice, the underpinning focus of the society.

Further information can be found on the Phi Mu website.

Nominations and applications are warmly welcome and there will be a special celebratory event combined with an induction ceremony for new members on 29th May 2012 at Bournemouth University.  Its first national conference will be held on 21st June 2013.

As a key member of the newly established European Region of chapters, collectively the European Region is holding its inaugural conference in Cardiff on 12-14 July 2012 entitled “Diversity across Europe: Implications for Nursing”.  More details can be found here.

Photo: Members of the Phi Mu Chapter (England) of Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI), Honour Society of Nursing

Scientific video sharing site launched 

Posted by Denise Hope | 1 comment
SciPlayerSciPlayer, a new video sharing website, has been created to allow the scientific community to post relevant video presentations and share their work with peers around the world.

The SciPlayer website has been designed to host the following freely accessible video content:

  • Conference presentations
  • Video abstracts (video presentations introducing papers published in journals)
  • Company videos (products, equipment or solutions provided by industry)
  • Webinars (video recordings of scientific webinar events)
  • Conference poster presentations
  • Tutorials
  • Lectures
  • Author introductions to books
  • Introductory videos by journal editors

Some of the videos available to view on SciPlayer include the winners of the ‘video poster’ prizes from the 2nd International Conference on Bio-Sensing Technology.

For submission information and format requirements, please contact: David Sleeman or click here to go to SciPlayer.

Appearance Matters 5 

Posted by Denise Hope | 1 comment
Centre for Appearance ResearchUWE's Centre for Appearance Research will host the fifth bi-annual Appearance Matters conference in Bristol on 3rd and 4th July 2012. The conference venue will be the historic Wills Memorial Building. 

This international conference highlights current research and good practice around psychology and appearance, including body image, visible difference, the role of the media, interventions, innovative research methods, provision of care, weight and shape, identity and education.

The meeting provides an opportunity for academics, clinicians, practitioners, researchers, hospital managers and policy makers involved in the provision of care for people with appearance-related concerns to up-date their knowledge, engage in debate, share ideas and network with others working in this field.

Keynote speakers include Professor Sarah Grogan, Staffordshire University, UK - Body Image and Health: Links and Future Directions, and Professor John Lawrence, College of Staten Island, City University of New York, USA - Psychosocial Adaption to Burns: Current Knowledge and Future Directions.

For more information about Appearance Matters 5, please visit www.uwe.ac.uk/appearancematters.