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International Nursing Conference Beijing 2010   

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Did you know that..?

  • The Chinese have to pay at point of delivery for healthcare
  • The healthcare system in China is hospital centric with poorly developed provision for community care
  • China has only 1.39 nurses per 1000 population (the US has 9, France 8 and Norway 16).

These are some of the facts that Dr Antonia Beringer (above) from the Centre for Learning and Workforce Research learnt when she presented the 'Education for practice' paper at the International Nursing Conference Beijing in August 2010.

The Conference was held to celebrate the 90th anniversary of nursing education at Peking Union Medical College (PUMC) and saw over 600 delegates attend, the majority from mainland China but joined by visitors from other countries including Denmark, Finland and Portugal.

Keynote speakers included Health Ministers of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) Party, Dean of Nursing at Johns Hopkins University, USA, and Dean of Nursing at Sydney University, Australia.

A workforce shortfall, plus the need to respond to changing disease patterns related to increasingly western lifestyles, has created strong support from the PRC Party for better resourced nurse education and professional development. Consequently Chinese universities and hospitals are looking to the US and Europe for models of care delivery and nurse education. Although PUMC Beijing has established collaborations with Johns Hopkins University (US) and Metropolitan University (Denmark), the conference revealed that there are opportunities to set up collaborative links with cities in other provinces.

Speaking about the experience Dr Beringer said, "The Conference had a real celebratory atmosphere. The event was a marvellous opportunity to share ideas and experience with colleagues working in such a different healthcare system but facing similar challenges, such as the shortfall in the nursing workforce. The presentation of the Education for Practice project was well received, although it was quite a challenge to speak to Chinese slides - for which I am indebted to Vanessa Luk of RBI and her translation skills. The trip has made me aware of opportunities for cooperation and collaboration well beyond my usual horizons. A really memorable experience."

For more information contact Dr Antonia Beringer

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