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Unwind from Exam Stress, Festival Volunteering Fun and Careers Help

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Relax + Unwind at the Octagon

29 April - 31 May, Monday-Friday 09:30-16:30

During the hectic exam period, take a moment away from the stress. As well as a quieter space to take a break, we will have free fruit, the usual tea and coffee (plus herbal teas!), relaxing music and quick activities to give you a rest from study. We’ve also got hints and tips to help with stress and revision. Every day from 11:00-14:00, we will be running a 5 minutes volunteering of craft activity! Why not drop in? For more information email

Summer Volunteering!

The summer sunshine provides the perfect backdrop for a spot of volunteering over holiday season. Activities include gardening, festival, sporting events, play activities with young people, event stewarding……..

To find out more about the opportunities on offer in Bristol and beyond over the months ahead, please contact the UWE Volunteering team (, 0117 3282334) or drop into the Octagon on Frenchay Campus (9.30-5.00pm Monday – Friday)

How to get the Job you Want  - there will be 2 opportunities for CSCT and GEM students to attend (but other FET students are welcome too) on the 23rd at 2.00 to 4.00pm (room 4Q51) and 24th May (room 4Q68) at 2.00 to 4.00pm.

The workshops aim to cover a variety of topics including the following:

•The best vacancy sources

•Speculative approaches that work

•Making effective applications

•Compiling or polishing your CV

•What to expect at interview / assessment centres

•Careers support available from UWE Careers


To book a place students should log in to UWE Infohub:

This weeks updates were contributed by the Enrichment Team in the Octagon and the UWE Careers Coaching Team.

Revival of the UWE Careers Blog!

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The UWE Careers blog has been in abeyance for a little while but we will soon be bringing you regular snapshots of all the different areas we are working hard in. Bringing ever more local employers into the UWE fold, highlighting placement opportunities to our 2nd year students, securing funding for paid internships in real workplaces doing real jobs, organising networking events, holding employer fairs, supporting Enterprise students and more, we will be using this space to keep you updated with what we do to give you the chance to maximise your employability.

For now, here is a brief selection of things that we are interested in and working on at the moment:

Career goal for graduates. Own goal for top flight football.

Unpaid internships are a hot topic, being debated in parliament and breaking up the monopoly that goals, transfers, wages and scandals normally exert on coverage of the Premier League, due to Reading (admittedly doomed to relegation but still guaranteed £16m+ from TV money next season) advertising for a year long unpaid performance analyst. There is a campaign  gathering pace that internships should always be paid so as not to exclude those that cannot afford to work for free.

Which brings us neatly to…

As a lucky lucky UWE student we work ever so hard to bring you the UWE Undergraduate Internship Scheme 2013. Get 8 weeks paid work experience this summer – view current vacancies on InfoHub (search “UWE Undergraduate Internship”) or talk to potential employers yourself. You can sweeten the deal with a £1000 subsidy towards the cost of employing you for 8 weeks! The scheme is open to all undergraduate students returning to UWE or going on placement as part of a degree programme for 2013/14.

Employer fair galloping up on the horizon!

One of our biggest single projects is the UWE Meet The Employers Fair, which takes place on Thursday June 13. You might be thinking more carousing than careers after the end of exams but with a guest list like this you don’t want to miss out on the chance to kick start your future. Make links with potential employers, scout out the different sectors you might be considering, get feedback from the people already in the roles you’re aspiring to. It is an opportunity too good to miss. To make the most of it check out this short film on how to come prepared to get the most out of employer fairs.

No such thing as society?

UWE is home to some of the largest and most active student societies in the country. Why not get involved in one and meet a bunch of interesting new people, pick up a new hobby , get active on an issue you're passionate about and improve your employability at the same time! Our friends at Enactus and the InnovEnterS focus on life after uni and have projects to get involved in from consultancy supporting charity shops in Bristol to a project supporting a community in Kenya access clean water to inspiring speakers and networking events right here at UWE.

This weeks blog has been written by Bevan Richardson, an Employer Services Administrator in the UWE Careers team. Every week another team member will post their take on employability news and important updates that matter to all of us. Hope to see you at our Careers drop-in (EZone/2D11) soon!
Colette Percival, Employer Engagament Manager

UWE Internships Celebration

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Earlier this week the UWE Careers team held a get together aimed at staff involved in the UWE Internships Scheme to celebrate in its success. The idea of this event was to bring people together, thank them for supporting the scheme, and give an insight in to the effect the scheme had on Graduates and Employers in the region.

With the launch of a new Internship scheme for 2010/11, this time funded by UWE, the event gave staff a chance to reflect on the achievements of the last project and look to the next scheme with enthusiasm.

Jennie from ‘Hop til u Drop’ and Mike from ‘Happy City’ with their Interns Aiden (Hop til U drop) and Majid (Happy City) spoke with passion about the work they were doing and really brought to life what a dramatic impact the scheme has had. It was fantastic to hear Employers talking so positively about the Interns they had taken on and hear about the ways they had been able to develop their organisations. The Interns, who have both now been employed full time by their employers, were impressed with the quality of the positions and the responsibility and trust they had been given in their work.

Vice Chancellor Steve West reflected on the successes of the Internship Scheme by celebrating the achievements of UWE and what it is able to accomplish for its Students and Graduates.

This celebration seemed a great way to head in to a new scheme and we hope that staff were left excited and confident about where the project could potentially lead and the positive ways this will help our Graduates in the current climate.

For more information on the new scheme visit
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Graduate Opportunities

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Looking at the headlines in the press you would think that graduate work opportunities have completely dried up. Not true…and here are just a few examples:

BT is set to recruit more graduates as part of its newly extended 2011 graduate recruitment scheme. 133 graduates, [compared with 10 in 2010], are to be offered a two-year leadership development programme, which will provide opportunities across all BT lines of business.

Martin Thomas, BT Group Head of Recruitment, said: “It is positive news for both BT and graduates that recruitment needs have improved over the past year and we are able to invest even more in graduates.”
There are still jobs to be found in the public sector but as with most sectors you need to go that bit further to find them. The Civil Service Fast Stream, MI5 and MI6, National Government Development Programme [local government graduate programme] and the NHS have all been recruiting, although indications are that places are slightly reduced making these schemes even more competitive than before. Closing dates have now passed for some of these schemes – you’ll need to check their individual websites.

Internships for 2010 graduates are available thanks to the launch of the UWE Internships Scheme 2010/11. These eight week paid internships, designed to help recent graduates find work, have proved fruitful in terms of job creation. Many of the smaller businesses who are taking part have not taken on graduates before and are seeing real benefits to their organisations.

If recent indicators are anything to go by the Scheme looks like it is going to have a very significant impact on graduate employment in the region.

One world and the opportunities to see it through UWE

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There’s a global feeling in the air today, as UWE continues to celebrate the annual One World Week on Frenchay campus aiming to unite students from the UK and around the world through a celebration of world music, food and culture.

From a Careers perspective, One World Week is also about raising awareness of the fantastic international opportunities available to all UWE students.

For starters, our site has links to various voluntary organisations and charities that are ideal to approach for such an opportunity.

Recent months have also seen the introduction of pages geared towards finding work in specific countries like India, Vietnam and Malaysia.

More specifically, there are fantastic opportunities to teach English as a foreign language including the JET scheme which offers students the chance to spend a year in Japan. BUNAC offers a variety of work and travel programmes all over the world including their USA Summer Camp, and there are many more of these amazing opportunities advertised on our Travel and Work overseas pages.

If you are not sure what you are looking for or where you want to go websites like FCO, Go Gap Year and the Prospects guidelines offer sound advice to help you to make the right choice.

Elsewhere, Going Global offers a range of internships and jobs currently advertising positions for you to apply for today. Sites like the Exodus Database and the Graduates Prospects page are designed to ensure that your time abroad is the best possible experience for you.

The UWE Careers website also boasts a range of resources for those students looking to carry on their academic careers abroad. The Erasmus Programme offers students the opportunity to study abroad as part of their degree programme, whilst for those students looking to taste the bright lights of the U.S, should look no further than the Fulbright Commission website.

So whether you treating yourself to a shiatsu, enjoying the week’s international cuisine or getting to grips with a new language, don’t forget that there’s a big world out there and you’ve got all the resources at your fingertips to explore it.


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