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Revival of the UWE Careers Blog!

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The UWE Careers blog has been in abeyance for a little while but we will soon be bringing you regular snapshots of all the different areas we are working hard in. Bringing ever more local employers into the UWE fold, highlighting placement opportunities to our 2nd year students, securing funding for paid internships in real workplaces doing real jobs, organising networking events, holding employer fairs, supporting Enterprise students and more, we will be using this space to keep you updated with what we do to give you the chance to maximise your employability.

For now, here is a brief selection of things that we are interested in and working on at the moment:

Career goal for graduates. Own goal for top flight football.

Unpaid internships are a hot topic, being debated in parliament and breaking up the monopoly that goals, transfers, wages and scandals normally exert on coverage of the Premier League, due to Reading (admittedly doomed to relegation but still guaranteed £16m+ from TV money next season) advertising for a year long unpaid performance analyst. There is a campaign  gathering pace that internships should always be paid so as not to exclude those that cannot afford to work for free.

Which brings us neatly to…

As a lucky lucky UWE student we work ever so hard to bring you the UWE Undergraduate Internship Scheme 2013. Get 8 weeks paid work experience this summer – view current vacancies on InfoHub (search “UWE Undergraduate Internship”) or talk to potential employers yourself. You can sweeten the deal with a £1000 subsidy towards the cost of employing you for 8 weeks! The scheme is open to all undergraduate students returning to UWE or going on placement as part of a degree programme for 2013/14.

Employer fair galloping up on the horizon!

One of our biggest single projects is the UWE Meet The Employers Fair, which takes place on Thursday June 13. You might be thinking more carousing than careers after the end of exams but with a guest list like this you don’t want to miss out on the chance to kick start your future. Make links with potential employers, scout out the different sectors you might be considering, get feedback from the people already in the roles you’re aspiring to. It is an opportunity too good to miss. To make the most of it check out this short film on how to come prepared to get the most out of employer fairs.

No such thing as society?

UWE is home to some of the largest and most active student societies in the country. Why not get involved in one and meet a bunch of interesting new people, pick up a new hobby , get active on an issue you're passionate about and improve your employability at the same time! Our friends at Enactus and the InnovEnterS focus on life after uni and have projects to get involved in from consultancy supporting charity shops in Bristol to a project supporting a community in Kenya access clean water to inspiring speakers and networking events right here at UWE.

This weeks blog has been written by Bevan Richardson, an Employer Services Administrator in the UWE Careers team. Every week another team member will post their take on employability news and important updates that matter to all of us. Hope to see you at our Careers drop-in (EZone/2D11) soon!
Colette Percival, Employer Engagament Manager

UWE annual DLHE (Destinations of Graduates in Higher Education) Survey

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Every year we contact new graduates to find out what they are doing (working, studying, travelling etc) as part of a national destinations survey. The information is very useful to UWE staff and prospective and current students as it builds a picture of what graduates are doing including any changes in the graduate job market.  The survey is managed by the staff here in UWE Careers and we also use the survey to identify graduates who need ongoing careers support.

Last year there were 4 per cent fewer UWE graduates unemployed against an increase in graduate unemployment in the UK as a whole, according to the destination survey figures released this year by the Higher Education Statistics Agency. See our previous blog post 'Rise in UWE Graduate Employment' for more information.

We will be contacting UWE leavers in December and January. To ensure that the survey results are really useful, we need to get a high level of responses. If you are a recent graduate we would really appreciate your help.

Rise in UWE Graduate Employment

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UWE’s rise in graduate employment came as good news to our Careers service in what is an extremely difficult time in the graduate employment market.
Careers have been doing numerous things within the service that contribute towards these improvements against the national trend.

We have been more proactive in our work with students and employers in relation to graduate job vacancies, placements and work experience, and targeted areas of weaker performance with more support from careers advisers in working with academics and students directly to boost students confidence and increase their skills.

Increased internal partnerships with faculty staff and other service staff (particularly business relations) have allowed us to raise awareness and reach more staff and students. External partnerships with other careers services, employers and other organisations like Job Centre plus have also improved allowing us to diversify and draw in recruiters.

Developments in our IT products and communications have helped us reach more students and graduates more effectively. Being able to offer a whole range of services and learning is really important, so too is being able to engage with our clients. We are always seeking out increasingly sophisticated ways to communicate with our clients through various communication channels including social media like Facebook, Twitter and Blogs, newsletters, events and the media.

We are really pleased to see all the hard work happening in our Careers service and other areas of the University paying off and hope for more positive results next year.

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Things are brighter than you think...

Posted by Sarah Proudfoot | 1 comment

Many of you completing your studies this summer may be worried about your career prospects and the options you have. If you are looking for jobs the message we want to give out is that things are brighter than you think.

We know that it can be challenging to establish yourself straight after finishing your studies which is why the UWE Careers team are here to help you. We offer a range of services and opportunities including…

  • Paid Graduate Internships
    Help finding appropriate vacancies
    Support for 3 years after you Graduate
    Help with CVs, covering letters, application forms and interview technique
    Careers Consultants to coach you through your career relate issues
    Don’t forget our extensive online resources

We are open throughout the summer for help…drop in if you are still in Bristol, use our online enquiry system or book a telephone appointment.

Good news

Gradsouthwest is where UWE advertise all their graduate vacancies. Between the 1st November 2009 and the 30th April 2010, the number of South West business vacancies advertised (1,723) increase by 65% compared to last year.

2010 UWE finalists can now apply for our Graduate Internship Scheme. The results have been extremely positive so far…read what our Graduates had to say:

“it has helped me so much in the current climate and I have learnt so much and feel more confident in my abilities. It has meant that I have been able to gain valuable experience in the job I want to do, which without the funding I doubt I would have been able to get”

“I've finally got a job related to my degree thanks to the internship programme! Good work!”

“Overall the internship has really stretched me and I now feel confident in using new programmes which will hold me in good stead as I move forward in my career. However, first off I have been offered a three month extension to the internship and look forward to continuing my work”

Want to apply or find out more? Click here

UWE receives funding for another 200 Graduate Internships

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The Careers team has been busy over the past couple of months leading one of the largest graduate internships schemes in the South West, offering employers up to £1600 to take on recent graduates for work placements. This is the result of a £320,000 bid to HEFCE for funding under a government initiative to support graduates impacted by the recession. The funding enables businesses to offer eight week placements for up to 200 graduates.

UWE have just received funding from HEFCE for another 200 internships. Since the 4th of February 2010 UWE Careers have successfully placed 130 graduates in these internships and some of these have turned in to permanent positions. Over 270 local companies have registered an interest in the scheme and over 90% of these have been small businesses. Larger organisations such as Mitsubishi, the BBC and Xerox are also getting involved.

The internships are primarily aimed at unemployed graduates who qualified with an undergraduate degree in 2008 and 2009. 2010 Graduates are now eligible to apply for the scheme and can start from 12th July 2010. All Graduates that are placed on the scheme will receive a minimum of £250 a week.

If you are a graduate or final year interested in getting an internship, or know either an employer or a graduate that would benefit from this scheme please direct them to the website or invite them to call us on 0117 32 81191.