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UWE Internships Celebration

Posted by Sarah Proudfoot | 4 comments
Earlier this week the UWE Careers team held a get together aimed at staff involved in the UWE Internships Scheme to celebrate in its success. The idea of this event was to bring people together, thank them for supporting the scheme, and give an insight in to the effect the scheme had on Graduates and Employers in the region.

With the launch of a new Internship scheme for 2010/11, this time funded by UWE, the event gave staff a chance to reflect on the achievements of the last project and look to the next scheme with enthusiasm.

Jennie from ‘Hop til u Drop’ and Mike from ‘Happy City’ with their Interns Aiden (Hop til U drop) and Majid (Happy City) spoke with passion about the work they were doing and really brought to life what a dramatic impact the scheme has had. It was fantastic to hear Employers talking so positively about the Interns they had taken on and hear about the ways they had been able to develop their organisations. The Interns, who have both now been employed full time by their employers, were impressed with the quality of the positions and the responsibility and trust they had been given in their work.

Vice Chancellor Steve West reflected on the successes of the Internship Scheme by celebrating the achievements of UWE and what it is able to accomplish for its Students and Graduates.

This celebration seemed a great way to head in to a new scheme and we hope that staff were left excited and confident about where the project could potentially lead and the positive ways this will help our Graduates in the current climate.

For more information on the new scheme visit
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Graduate Opportunities

Posted by Sarah Proudfoot | 1 comment

Looking at the headlines in the press you would think that graduate work opportunities have completely dried up. Not true…and here are just a few examples:

BT is set to recruit more graduates as part of its newly extended 2011 graduate recruitment scheme. 133 graduates, [compared with 10 in 2010], are to be offered a two-year leadership development programme, which will provide opportunities across all BT lines of business.

Martin Thomas, BT Group Head of Recruitment, said: “It is positive news for both BT and graduates that recruitment needs have improved over the past year and we are able to invest even more in graduates.”
There are still jobs to be found in the public sector but as with most sectors you need to go that bit further to find them. The Civil Service Fast Stream, MI5 and MI6, National Government Development Programme [local government graduate programme] and the NHS have all been recruiting, although indications are that places are slightly reduced making these schemes even more competitive than before. Closing dates have now passed for some of these schemes – you’ll need to check their individual websites.

Internships for 2010 graduates are available thanks to the launch of the UWE Internships Scheme 2010/11. These eight week paid internships, designed to help recent graduates find work, have proved fruitful in terms of job creation. Many of the smaller businesses who are taking part have not taken on graduates before and are seeing real benefits to their organisations.

If recent indicators are anything to go by the Scheme looks like it is going to have a very significant impact on graduate employment in the region.