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Welcome to the Careers blog

Posted by Tom Peake | 0 comments
Hi there and welcome to our new blog! We've been using a variety of social media to try and spread the word about the support and services offered by UWE Careers for a little while now. This blog is an extension of that and will allow members of the Careers team here at UWE the chance to let you know more about the work that we're doing with students, graduates, staff and recruiters, new developments and opportunities and what we think about the latest news and events and how they might affect us all.

I'll start the ball rolling by talking a bit about my role in the Careers team. My job title is E-Learning Coordinator and, basically, I'm responsible for maintaining, researching, developing and implementing our wide ranging electronic careers resources. These include our UWE Careers website, our e-learning web resource MyFuture and a range of online career development tools.

Here at UWE Careers we work with a huge number of different people - current and prospective students, graduates, staff, employers and external organisations. With such a large and diverse audience, electronic resources are increasingly important to support the work of our Careers Consultants and information team. An important part of my role is making sure that those resources are accessible to all, usable and as engaging and useful as possible.

Equally important is monitoring the latest technologies and trends to make sure that:
  • we are getting the the best possible tools and resources for our students and graduates, and
  • our students and graduates know that they have access to these tools and resources.
This blog represents another such opportunity to keep you all informed, so please check back regularly and let us know in the comments what you think!
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