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Bisensual - a Norwegian exchange 

Posted by Alison Pack | 0 comments
2012 will be the third year of a creative exchange agreement between the Department of Specialised Art at the National Academy of the Arts (KHIB) in Bergen, Norway, and Drawing and Applied Arts at UWE. Eight UWE students will be exhibiting their work in Bergen under the title Bisensual between 9-13 January 2012.

The starting point for their work is 'explorations into sensory ambiguities' and it reveals a varied approach to the practice of drawing. From investigative activity to observational acumen, works include a mix of hands-on, digital and other multiple processes, with additional soundscape.

Visit the facebook page to find out more.

Students from Bergen will come to UWE Bristol for the return part of the exchange between 6-10 February.

Bye Bower! 

Posted by Maxie Schreiner | 1 comment
Just a little blog post about my leaving Bower Ashton.

Thanks to all the lovely staff members and students at this fantastic campus, the last three and a half years have been amazing!
I can honestly say that I'm proud to have been part of this creative community and will miss the inspirational, green surrounding as well as the many laughs with students and staff.

I hope Bower continues to go strong through all the changes ahead. 



A stupendous sculpture! 

Posted by Alison Pack | 2 comments
Congratulations to the selected artists exhibiting as winners of a National Open Competition (NOC) at Motorcade/Flash Parade on Philip Street in Bedminster between 8-18 December. UWE Fine Art student Julie Coltman is showing her sculpture Familia (right), made from found materials including cardboard, industrial packaging, wood and tape. She describes it as "fragile, yet strong. It is changed somewhat each time it's installed so it's ever evolving."

The NOC was judged by artists including S. Mark Gubb, Cathy Lomax and Mandy Ure.

UPDATE: On a stormy night in Bedminster First Prize was awarded to UWE student Dan Just for his video work The Day Wayne Lloyd Told Me I Was Shit At Painting. That's an honest, if painful, title for a piece of work! Zanne Andrea, a recent UWE graduate, took Third Prize for A Clip, A Soundbite, A Lie. Zanne blogged her experience of completing her degree, which you can read here.
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