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The 2011 Degree Show is coming...   

Posted by Alison Pack | 3 comments  
I am a pessimist who enjoys being pleasantly surprised
Excitement is building at Bower Ashton as the preparations continue for this year's Degree Show. The whole campus will be given over to the exhibition of our students' final work, and you can catch a glimpse of the huge array of creative talent on show by visiting our News and Events page. Don't forget to check out the images on Flickr too.

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3 Comments for "The 2011 Degree Show is coming..."

Caterina  Thursday 12 May, 14.03 

Smashing! This is going to be great.

jotta  Friday 20 May, 14.39 

If you want to find out about some other degree shows that will take place in the next few months, check this article out:

You can also contact us and keep us posted about any other shows you are aware of, if you like!
Team jotta

Zuzanna  Wednesday 3 August, 16.04 

that picture made me lol , nice one ;)

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