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It's Nice That 

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Browsing on (not in work time, obviously) we found this very cool t-shirt which was designed by UWE Illustration graduate Owen Gatley. His work is inspired by imagery from the 50s, 60s and 70s, in particular old comic strips, posters and advertisements. See more of his work at

Way to go, Owen!

Submerge yourself in Redcliffe Caves! 

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Something unusual is going to be happening in Bristol’s Redcliffe Caves between 11-15 April. Lisa Gaudion, a third year Media Practice student, is producing a multimedia installation called Do Not Disturb as part of her final project.

Do Not Disturb is a collaboration by a group of final year Media Practice students and it explores the boundary between dreams and reality in a physical experience which includes motion activated audio, projections, an interactive projection, live acting and music, set design and targeted lighting, using the caves as a metaphor for something ‘other’ to ‘submerge’ the audience in the experience.

You have to be over 18 and the event includes strobe lighting and loud audio. So if you are feeling brave and want to submerge yourself in a very different kind of experience visit the website: Tickets are free but must be booked in advance.

Duck Stamp: it's all gone wrong! 

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There isn’t anything right about the Duck Stamp. First of all it isn’t actually called the Duck Stamp. The term duck stamp is a shortened term for the message "Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp". Secondly, it is based on a 1929 bill, signed by President Hoover, to acquire and preserve wetland for wild fowl, but without any government funds ever being allocated for that purpose. Thirdly, in reality, a duck stamp is not a postal stamp; it is a permit to hunt. Finally, the use of the word "duck" is inaccurate, since all waterfowl, including geese, swans, brant, and more are intended to benefit from the sale of duck stamps. The word benefit is appropriate of course, unless the duck stamp is a hunting permit. Which it is.  

This acts as a stark reminder that ecology and politics are often presented, rather than constructed. We could consider this in order to diagnose our current situation, suspended in a culture that promotes a prohibitive paternal structure but also demands that we enjoy the benefits of apparent freedom, sustained by ignoring the obvious inconsistencies in the system.

Come along tonight to a FREE evening of Film and Performance at South Bank, Dean Lane, Southville, BS3 1DB between 19.00 and 22.00. Contributors are from UWE Fine Art, UWE Art and Visual Culture, UWE Animation, UWE Alumni and The Diving School. 

Nine: work in progress 

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You've got a couple of days left to view the exhibition in the old Foyer at Bower - it's a really interesting and diverse range of work in progress by nine MA Graphic Arts students. I really like the laser cut jewellery by Hanna Grech, such as the bird necklace above!

For more information about all the artists see

CON-Artists at Bower Ashton 

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Bower Ashton campus (F Block Gallery) is hosting an exhibition of work from the art class at HMP Bristol in a collaborative project between HMP Bristol and UWE’s Department of Art and Design. CON-Artists is an exhibition of work which showcases the creative talents of prisoners in the art class at HMP Bristol. The exhibition includes work produced by both current and ex-prisoners.

The title of the exhibition is a tongue-in-cheek play on both the context of the production of the work, and also a reflection on the tentative relationship with the role of artist that those whose work features in the exhibition are exploring through exhibiting their work at UWE’s Art School.


The exhibition includes work produced in the art class itself, and cell work, which has been undertaken independently. Working space often dictates the size of the work; and it often also demonstrates an ingenuity with materials that reflects lengthy explorations of the results that available materials are able to achieve.

Join us for an informal tour of the show on Tuesday 15 March (17.00-18.30)
 to find out more about the work and listen to introductions from staff teaching at HMP Bristol and at UWE about the work on show and what it's like working in, making art in and the role of creativity in prison settings.

The exhibition runs until Friday 18 March.

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