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Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion 

Posted by Charlotte Hopes | 0 comments

Check out this animated documentary by researchers from the Bristol School of Animation on the BBC website.

The film retells the story of the ss Great Britains salvage and is the centrepiece of a specially created gallery on board the ss Great Britain to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the ship's homecoming to Bristol in July 1970.

Summer Break - While you were out... 

Posted by Maxie Schreiner | 0 comments

We decided to turn Bower Ashton Campus into a hotel for any visitors wanting to see Bristol's famous sights!

Get your glossy brochure now:

No, but seriously, what's going on at Bower? CBBC film crews everywhere, children with make-up running around and people shouting "Action" and "Quiet please!"
F-Block has been transformed.

And for 10 days those of us who do still work at Bower are witness to the filming of the new children's series "Sparticles".

It does get exhausting at times...

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